2 thoughts on “Takin’ Time in the Pickin’ Parlour with SisterTree”

  1. I caught your show at Como Zoo. I loved it. Unfortunately I had a hard time hearing the name of the songs you sang. Is there any way I could get a list – I am writing a report for my beginning music class and I would like to be as accurate as possible.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Renae! Thank you for coming out and enjoying the evening with us at the Conservatory! I don’t have our set list anymore, but can piece together a few titles: We opened with Wild Mountain Thyme, then some traditional Scottish tunes-Cameron’s Highland, Whiskey Kiss, and couple others, then Knickerbocker Line and Banish Misfortune (which is the working title of the new album we are in the process of recording now <3), Sylvie/Solveig, Witch of the Westmoreland (A. Fischer), Cruel Sister, Twa Corbies, Rites of Man/King of the Fairies, Mouth of the Tobique, Next Market Day, Awkward Annie (K. Rusby), Tom Doherty's and Bold Doherty, Waltzes: Innisfree, Ashokan's Farewell, Appalachian Round, Rare Auld Mountain Dew/Galway Girl,Civil War set: Battle Cry for Freedom & Kingdom Coming, Bold O'Donahue, Ballad of St. Anne's Reel/Doud's Favorite. I hope this is helpful! Would love to read your paper 🙂 Best, Dee & Kerri

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