Shows: 3.23/4.6/4.13/4.20 Claddagh Irish Pub, 4.7 Burning Brothers Brewery, 4.27 Dubliner Pub

Sister Tree Music, photo by David Dyer-Bennet

Friends and comrades–We have really been enjoying our Thursday dinner sets at the Claddagh Pub!  We’ll be there 3.23, 4.6, 4.13, and 4.20, and if the stars and kinesthetics align, we hope to bring some guest musicians!  We are excited to play for the Burning Brothers Anniversary festivities, where there will be a fine gluten-free beer selection, sweets from Blue Sun Soda Shop, some fine fiery flourishes and generally all kinds of fun!  Our last Thursday of the month residency at the Dubliner Pub will be rollicking as in days of yore!  We are so blessed to be roving and in fine company!  Tell stories to your neighbors and strangers, listen to each other, create sacred space for those your life touches.  Take root and reach out!  If you’ve not yet had a chance, visit to hear our debut/demo album.  We hope to see you soon.


We render radiant, expansive harmonies for strings and voices, original and traditional tunes and folk ballads, favorites and downright far-fetched selections suited to many occasions.  For ceremonies and celebrations, festivals and front porch parlors, we bring you roots inspired musings that are grounded in Traditional Celtic and Americana sensibilites.  Exploring with an independent spirit, roving over the wild and storied landscapes of life, collecting, tinkering, and translating our heritage, we envibe with the rhythms of sugarplums dropped in the forest.

Video from Como Conservatory Music Under Glass

“Somewhere between the woad and the reels, I was dumbstruck by your collective good vibration. I think your sound is absolutely perfectly like the original folkies I used to hear when I was a pup!”  ~Martin Furey of The High Kings

17 thoughts on “Shows: 3.23/4.6/4.13/4.20 Claddagh Irish Pub, 4.7 Burning Brothers Brewery, 4.27 Dubliner Pub”

  1. Hello Again Wonderful Women;

    This is Tom from the Burned Down Cafe’ telling you that you & your music are wonderful.

    I Love the CD but must give it to a friend. Another Female fiddler. She will also LOVE it. 1-715/209-1074

    Please autograph 2 more for us here at the Burned Down Cafe’ and let me know how you would like me to pay for them. Is there just the one CD? If there are two CDs please autograph 2 of the second CD and put them onto the bill as well.

    1. Tom! Just saw this. There is only the one CD, and I’ll a couple more to Box 222. Probably the easiest way to pay for them would be to tip us out on We’d be honored to come up and play again next season! What a blast–my kids loved every second on the island, as did we!

      Thanks again for hosting, so proud of the results with the Enbridge EIS requirement. Playing at your place was definitely a highlight of our summer, and when we get busy with the next recording project, we’ll make sure you know about it 🙂 Hats off to you sir! Dee

  2. such beautiful voices & harmonies, amazing pregger guitar, oh, & barefoot fiddling is a slice of heaven! IrishFest was blessed by you! Thanks.

  3. Dee and Kerri, you were amazing last night. The people who attended our “Honoring the Ancestors” event just loved you and your music. We hope to have you back and support your wild work!
    Blessings of the dark nights,
    a savage daughter

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