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The music of Kerri Joy and Dee Brust

Smokin’ Joe with Space Monster and SisterTree at the Nomad World Pub 8.17.14

10603211_725954297440312_6831763493097019072_nSisterTree will join Smokin’ Joe and Space Monster at the Nomad World Pub on the West Bank.  The folks Live from Studio 5 will be at the event sharing our evening with the world Wednesday at 10 on  Wednesday on KFAI, 90.3 or 106.7 on FM or on the Internet at You can hear it at ANY time of the day or night from ANYWHERE on the planet for the next two weeks by clicking here: and scroll down to “Recent Playlists”.


SisterTree at the Wapiti Historical Rendezvous 9.20.14

Re-enactment time!  These folks are offering a $1 raffle for a fully outfitted night at camp in a 10×14 tent with an awning, firepit, bedding, even costumes for a total immersion experience!  At the last rendezvous, we got to practice some archery, see a foot-powered lathe and steam bent hoop-backed chairs, cheer on the blacksmiths, eat buffalo heart, and sing out with a wash-tub bass!  Nowthen is a half hour out of the Twin Cities.  Event details here, and our fair traders are also on FB.