Singing Light–a feature about SisterTree in the MN Women’s Press


Here it is!  So happily surprised to see us at the co-op this morning while running about gathering lunch on a a tight schedule, then there was the issue we knew was coming, and the hubbub was replaced with a happy glow 🙂  Thanks to Mikki and the MN Women’s Press!

2 thoughts on “Singing Light–a feature about SisterTree in the MN Women’s Press”

  1. You should have a proper biography page, girls. Also, it took a fair bit of reading to realise that you were Americans.

    I’d like to see a page about your story, how did you get together; where did you both learn your instruments etc? Did your families play instruments too?

    What kind of music do you listen to yourselves, and have you thought about writing your own music?

    All the best,

    Iggy 🙂

    1. Hello hello Iggy! Thank you for checking out our page and for the feedback. I suppose our story is a bit buried in the EPK–perchance some free time will fall upon us and we’ll tinker with the site and in so doing, shed a little light on these mysteries. Also, a great hope lingers that we’ll buck up and get our originals trotted out and arranged for public consumption 🙂 If you like our music, there are sometimes videos posted to our FB page:, and our first album is available to preview at
      Wishing you well in all your adventures!

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