Our First Album is Released!

To purchase a CD ($10), come see us at one of our upcoming shows, or order our digital album ($7) at sistertree.bandcamp.com, where adding gratuity to your digital purchase enables us to look ahead to our next release.

We also have some download codes we sell for $5 at shows, as well as Tshirts and buttons featuring the artwork on our raindrum.

We’re happy to mail you things!  As an independent duo, we do small order printing and production of all our posters, trinkets, and mementos.  For now, just email us your interests and we will figure out how to meet your SisterTree-related needs and desires.  We have funded the album with proceeds from our performances, and have discussed a variety of entertaining and meaningful future crowd-funding escapades such as house concerts, making a music video with us as your doo-wap gals, arranging and recording a favorite song just for you or a loved one. . .We may yet undertake efforts to raise funds for regional PR, cover the submissions process for reviews, offset travel to the hinterlands and shows near you, and other special endeavors to tailor our performances.   Your support will help us achieve our hopes of finding ourselves in the the sharing company of artists we admire at sessions, workshops, and festivals.   We dream of gathering in places sacred for their creative energies, somewhere you want to hear voices raised, echoes and shadows filled with our spark and the silence between breaths, off the beaten track, communing in a copse of woodland bliss.  Thank you to all who lift our spirits!


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